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Kaunan is busy this October with album release the 13th and a tour 15th to the 20th!

On tour

Come listen live to Kaunan!

New album

Our new album is out!

This is Kaunan

Kaunan plays nordic folk and medieval music.
Oliver S. Tyr (Ger.)

Oliver S. Tyr (Ger.)

Bouzouki and mandora

Plays the bouzouki and mandora. Also the frontman of the well-known German folk band FAUN.

Göran Hallmarken (Swe.)


Göran Hallmarken is one of the most outstanding hurdy-gurdy players on the Swedish folk and medieval music scene.

Boris Koller (Au.)

Boris Koller (Au.)


Boris Koller is a professional painter and composer who specializes in working with the old types of Nyckelharpa (the Kontrabasharpa, and Gammelharpa). He has contributed to numerous studio productions and concerts performed by various early music ensembles.

On tour October 15-20

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